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Inspire Elementary School

What to Expect on Your Child’s Scheduled Day of Assessment

If your child’s testing time is on either Saturday, September 21st or Monday, September 23rd. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time.

Questions and Answers

Location & Parking Information

The assessment will take place at Inspire Elementary School (875 Michigan Ave., Columbus, OH 43215). Parents can park in the parking lot behind the school building off of Quality Place and use the entrance by the parking lot.

How do I talk with my child about the upcoming assessments?

Be upbeat and excited for them to get to do this. If you are excited, they will be, too! Tell them what they get to do that day rather than asking them if they want to go. It is best not to mention anything about possibly being “gifted” or “tested.” There is no pressure and we want students to have a fun day. We like to use the word “activities” when we refer to assessing students. The word “test” is sometimes an instant stressor for many students, even if they have never taken a “test” before. Describe the day as a time to go be with some new friends to do some activities together. If he/she asks what kind of activities, tell them they are all kinds of puzzles, and pictures to look at and even some number games and fun stories. They will also get to play on the playground or in the gym, or even with legos! They will get to use our computers for most of the day! Make it a happy day.

How can I prepare my child?

The test is completed on Chromebooks. The best preparation you can give is a little bit of experience using a computer or laptop, especially the arrow buttons and curser (mouse pad) to control movement on the page. Many students have experience with phones and iPads, so they want to touch the screen to make things happen, rather than using arrows and the mousepad to move around the screen or click on answers.

Should/can my child study for these assessments?

No, there is no need. You can’t really study anything specific in order to improve a score and it will just make your child nervous. These are not designed to have to study, practice, or prepare for in any way and the children should not be asked to try to learn anything new in advance. This will surely put unnecessary pressure on them and can likely affect their results in a negative way.

Does my child need anything to eat or drink?

No. There are water fountains in the hallways and the children will only be testing for 30 minutes. Having drinks or snacks for just this one time frame in unnecessary and will lead to distractions on this timed test.

How long are the assessments?

The Naglieri is only 30 minutes for all students

What does the NNAT3 assess?

The NNAT3 measures nonverbal abilities, also known as a cognitive test. It measures a student’s ability and how their brains function; how well they are likely to do in school. The NNAT does this without the student needing to read anything. Even the directions are done by the students watching a child perform tasks on the computer and then our students do the same on their computers.

Ability tests such as the Naglieri (NNAT3) are different from achievement tests because they do not assess how much a student knows in a particular subject matter. Rather, it measures how the brain processes information and how it responds to puzzles and missing information, for example.

When will I know my child’s results?

Typically, we will have the results within 24-48 hours of the assessment. A separate parent conference time will be scheduled for you to have the results shared and explained to you within a week of the assessments. These meetings will begin on Wednesday, September 25th. You will schedule this at the time your child is being assessed.

What to bring:

Please do not send any electronic device of any kind, including a phone or calculator. They will not need these and they will be distractions. Your child may not be able to participate or may have results invalidated if any of these are in the room with us. You can share with them that most of the activities are on the computer (Chromebook), so they can look forward to using our electronics that day.