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Inspire Elementary School

The Inspire Continuum of Educational Advancement

At Inspire Elementary School, we believe in a three tiered approach to meet the unique academic needs of all students, which includes services for high achieving students as well as Gifted Programming. We also believe that some students with higher achievement levels often fall through the cracks of the traditional school setting. We are proud to introduce our multi-tiered approach to supporting these students with needs that go beyond the regular classroom.

Three-Tier Model of Instruction and Support

Tier 1

In Tier 1, all students are screened three times per year using MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) to determine needs and to measure growth in math and reading. All students also receive appropriate, standards-based, core instruction including any classroom, grade-level, or school-wide enrichment for academics and social/emotional development. Students may also be referred for additional testing at any time to better diagnose needs.

Enrichment is provided with a Gifted Intervention Specialist (GIS) within the classroom for all students. Enrichment includes extensions of the core curriculum on a regular basis as well as specific time to work on building a growth mindset and understanding of self. Enrichment also involves accommodations related to reading strengths and stretching mathematical thinking.

Tier 1 universal interventions are provided in the general education classroom through collaboration between the classroom teacher and the Gifted Intervention Specialist (GIS).

Tier 2

In Tier 2, students who have demonstrated a readiness to go beyond the level of instruction in the regular classroom will have the opportunity for enhanced learning in a combination setting. This plan could include more intense instruction, individually or in a small group, and is provided in addition to the general education curriculum. While these students are not identified as gifted, they do occasionally have academic needs that go beyond what the traditional classroom can provide and are in need of more targeted differentiation to support continued growth.

This tier 2 level of instruction allows students who are higher achieving than the typical student a chance to work in a setting outside the regular classroom where the Gifted Intervention Specialist (GIS) can guide deeper and more complex thought in their studies. Curriculum compacting and pacing can be adjusted and differentiation practices are used to enhance learning in a specified area of strength.

Students in tier 2 are assigned based on current achievement or cognitive scores and evidence of mastery of classroom instruction.

Tier 3

In Tier 3, a student qualifies for advanced Gifted Education Programming by meeting the state criteria of gifted, and receives specially-designed instruction and related services through an Individualized Written Education Plan (WEP).

Tier 3 is built on intensive supports for students with individual needs in various academic areas. Curriculum and instruction are compacted and differentiated to include advanced topics and sophisticated resources developed specifically for gifted learners.

Students in Tier 3 experience a setting where like-minded peers are grouped together to build a gifted community who feel comfortable to interact In ways that many others don’t understand. They can then challenge each other and work on collaborative projects with students of similar abilities and/or interests in their identified area of strength. Students in tier 3 spend time in the regular classroom as well as time pulled out with the GIS.

In all tiers, student progress is monitored to determine if the planned instruction and/or enhancements are effective. The school uses that data to adjust instruction accordingly and support all students, no matter where they are starting or how far they develop their abilities.

Highlights of the Continuum

Inspire Elementary School is dedicated to advancing the growth of all students with this tiered model of support. From tier 1 to tier 3, each student is continually monitored for changes in their academic needs and interests in order to provide the finest of educational experiences. Great care is given to decision making and ensuring all students are achieving at levels consistent with their abilities.

Our Gifted Programming is based on the highest level of care and best practices established by the Ohio Association for Gifted Children and the National Association for Gifted Children. We follow all state law and rules for gifted programming, even though many of our fellow public school districts struggle to provide this specialize environment and intensive level of specialist support. We are proud to have a continuum of services for kindergarten through 5th grade, which is rare in this area.

We are also extremely proud of the fact that we have a planned intervention for those students who achieve above average, yet are not in the gifted range. This group of students often digress because they don’t “qualify” for any type of specialized instruction in Ohio. Inspire recognizes the potential of these students and includes them in a special group of their own who have the right to an adjusted curriculum the same as children with special needs and those identified as gifted. At Inspire, our multi-tiered approach considers all students of all abilities at all times.