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Inspire Elementary School

Learn More About Our Personalized Approach

Academic Choice

Inspire Elementary School uses curriculum aligned to Ohio’s Learning Standards to provide a learning experience created for the unique needs and interests of each child. In collaboration with our teachers and staff, students engage in diverse and dynamic learning pathways and enrichment opportunities of their choice to uphold our commitment to educating the whole child.

Our Approach

Choice in Enrichment Opportunities

Inspire Elementary believes in educating the whole child. In addition to core academic classes, students may take enrichment classes such as Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Children’s Yoga, Art and Fitness, which are offered during the school day. Families may also choose to receive $500 in Instructional Funds to purchase student-selected enrichment opportunities. Families may use Instructional Funds for students to participate in outside music or dance lessons, or athletic leagues and programs such as football, basketball, or hockey.

All Are Welcome

Inspire Elementary is open to Kindergarten through 5th grade students from all across central Ohio.

Inspire Elementary does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age, gender identity or expression ancestry, familial status, military status or disability in its educational programs, activities, and employment policies. All school policies, programs, practices, procedures, and decisions shall be reviewed to assure the rights of all students as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States and by law.