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Inspire Elementary School

Our Leadership

Tina Thomas-Manning

Tina Thomas-Manning

Founder & Executive Director

Tina Thomas-Manning is the Founder and Executive Director of Inspire Elementary School. Inspire Elementary was founded on the belief that all students can learn at maximum levels when they are engaged in high quality learning opportunities, provided by passionate and skillful educators, in learning environments where instruction is provided at their learning levels.

Thomas-Manning has a proven track record of success utilizing flexible grouping models to meet the needs of accelerated learners and struggling learners. Thomas-Manning formerly served as principal at Hannah Ashton Middle School, where she worked with teachers to institute building-wide flexible grouping. In 2012, Hannah Ashton was celebrated as one of Ohio’s high poverty, high-achievement schools in a research study sponsored by the Ohio Business Roundtable, Ohio Department of Education, and The Ohio State University. Thereafter, Thomas-Manning served in various local and state leadership roles, including district superintendent, Associate Superintendent for K-12 Public Instruction at the Ohio Department of Education, and as a BRIGHT Leadership Coach.

Thomas-Manning has provided instructional and leadership development to practicing and aspiring educators in the areas of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and organizational change management. She has made numerous professional contributions as a speaker and presenter, both locally and nationally, promoting the power of flexible grouping as an education model.

Tina Thomas-Manning is a graduate from The Ohio State University where she obtained her Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts in Education.

Bruce Hoover

Bruce Hoover

Dean of Students

Bruce Hoover has spent the last 28 years working to help children and families improve their lives by providing a high quality, personalized education to maximize their academic growth so they may achieve their dreams. He has successfully served families as a teacher, building and district administrator and superintendent over this time. Hoover hold a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Educational Administration.

Hoover owns HL Higher Learning Consulting LLC, which provides teacher development and operational and program analysis support for schools across Ohio. He served as a Regional Ohio Improvement Process Coordinator and has provided professional development support for thousands of educators. Bruce maintains partnerships with the Ohio Association of Gifted Children, the Buckeye Hope Foundation, the Ohio State Department of Human Ecology and Leadership development and serves as an active member of the National Lions Club.

In his current role as the Dean of Students for Inspire Elementary School, Bruce supports students, families, and team of educators. Hoover has lived in the Central Ohio region for the past two decades with his wife of 33 years, Christina, and their son, Nathan.