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Inspire Elementary School

7 Reasons Why Inspire Elementary School is the Right Choice for Your Extraordinary Learner

Diversity. Unlike public schools where the difference reflects the neighborhoods where you live, Inspire is open to all students, resulting in a more diverse student body. The commonality of parents who have enrolled their child at Inspire Elementary creates a unique learning environment. Inspire Elementary does not discriminate based on race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age, gender identity or expression ancestry, familial status, military status or disability in its educational programs, activities, and employment policies.

Choice. Not everyone is fortunate enough to live in an area with the best of the best public school options. Inspire is pleased to serve students throughout the greater Columbus area, open to students across central Ohio. Before the school choice movement, parents were forced to choose between struggling neighborhood schools and costly private schools. If you live in an area where the options are not ideal, you can choose to enroll your child at Inspire and Inspire will help with transportation. Inspire is located in Harrison West, near Downtown Columbus. The Short North Arts District, and the Ohio State University-Main Campus. Our location creates a unique opportunity to explore learning beyond the classroom and school building. Inspire Elementary is in walking distance to a host of art galleries, parks and recreation facilities, and Ohio historical sites such as the Ohio Statehouse and the Ohio Supreme Court Building. Inspire Elementary has also established partnerships with The Columbus Museum of Art, COSI, and The Columbus Foundation to create memorable student learning opportunities, which further support our commitment to developing the whole child.

Accountability. Unlike many public schools, there’s a strict responsibility that’s taken on by schools like Inspire Elementary. There are specific goals for individual student achievement, that motivates the leadership and faculty meet and exceed. Inspire is not only accountable to their students, but also the parents and the community.

Specialization. Inspire believes in educating the whole child. In addition to core academic classes, your child will have the opportunity to take enrichment classes such as Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Children’s Yoga, Art, and Fitness, all of which are available to every student during the school day. Families may also choose to receive $500 in Instructional Funds to purchase student-selected enrichment opportunities from our vendor partners. Families may use instructional Funds for students to participate in outside music or dance lessons, or athletic leagues and more!

Independence. Schools like Inspire have a much higher level of curricular and managerial freedom than traditional schools; Inspire Elementary follows the same regulations and laws that apply to traditional public schools. However, because Inspire is a charter school, more energy and resources can be devoted to the implementation of higher academic standards. This responsibility helps our students achieve a more holistic learning experience, where the focus is on educating the whole child.

Class Size. Inspire Elementary is committed to the academic and social-emotional growth and development of our children. Students and teachers enjoy the small class. The average teacher to student ratio at Inspire is 1:15 with an up to 25 students per class limit, where additional teachers help to create smaller learning groups within each class. The small class sizes provide learning environments where teachers get to know each student in a way that allows them to truly develop and monitor learning plans that result in maximum student growth.

Personalization. Inspire Elementary recognizes that Gifted Learners educational needs begin long before traditional testing occurs in most public schools. To help serve the parents and students in Franklin County, Inspire offers free screening for potential identification of Gifted and Talented young students in the region.

If any of these critical points have you thinking to yourself, “YES - this is the type of learning environment I want for my child” - We would love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out and connect with one of our school advisors to schedule a call or in-person visit of our campus.

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